Flood Engineer

Want to be a Flood Engineer of the future?

Want to be a Flood Engineer of the future? Calling all school/college leavers and those looking for a career change. Read more...

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Work-life balance in modern society

Remote working has blurred the lines between desk time and home time. When emails arrive all day every day and throughout the night, workloads can spiral. Read more...

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Jobs for early career professionals

This month we’re focusing on early career professionals. Early career professionals are usually described as people within five years of completing what they anticipate as their highest degree. Read More...


There are lots of different employment sectors looking for people with the skills and talents you possess. Rest assured that all of the companies listing with us are committed to inclusiveness and diversity in the workplace. 


Researchers and number-crunchers say skills shortages across many industries appear to have helped job prospects for early career professionals. More graduates with qualifications in high demand subjects, such as IT, engineering, accountancy and marketing, went into their vocationally linked roles in 2018. Overall youth employment is the highest it’s ever been. The picture’s rosy.

On the ground, job seekers tell a different story. Analysts agree that new vacancies are being created but also note the ever-present shadow of Brexit and global economic downturn. The jobs are available, they say, but hiring managers are becoming more and more stringent over their hiring decisions. Desirable jobs seem to be getting more applications and the rise of the gig economy is creating uncertainty in work. Discover suitable vacancies that suit your needs.

“We spend more time at work than anywhere else. We want everyone to feel included and bring their whole self to work without reservation”


Morgan Lobb
VERCIDA’s Chief Executive Officer