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Now is the time to become a digital disrupter. The opportunity is here in Leeds - what's stopping you?

Join Accenture in Leeds and work with Channel 4 on the UK's leading digital video product.





Channel 4 has been a beacon of innovation, experimentation and creativity since its launch in 1982. Maintaining that distinction, however, has become increasingly difficult in a market full of OTT players and constant disruption.

Channel 4 knew that a step-change in the pace and agility of its delivery organisation would make a difference. The company wanted more flexibility to deal with the demanding peaks and troughs of digital product development, with increased transparency, accountability, quality and speed.

The landmark decision that Channel 4 would relocate its headquarters to Leeds has represented a major win for the region as a whole. Around 250 Channel 4 jobs will be based in the city ahead of a move to the Majestic building and Channel 4 will also be co-anchoring the news from Leeds.



London to Leeds




Relocating from London to Leeds


Channel 4 coming to Leeds is already proving a game changer for the region. It is difficult to believe that it is almost an entire year since Leeds was picked to be the new home of Channel 4. The knock-on effect though comes not only from Leeds being on the television more often. It is already a major player in business, cultural and sporting terms.

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What Our People Say


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Tim Edmonds

Digital Architect, Accenture

We were fortunate indeed to get some time with someone who is helping Accenture break more digital boundaries in the UK. Tim Edmonds, the man who powers the digital architecture projects for Accenture, which right now means supporting major broadcasters on some pretty ground breaking stuff and recruiting the right people for tech a team based in a new Leeds office. 

We don’t speak Java, but Tim talks tech with a brilliant sense of humour to create a sense of ease for us luddites. So we asked him to break down for us exactly what the world of Accenture means career wise for go getting geeks and to explain exactly why the word “refulgent” is important to him.

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Molly Roper
  • Molly Roper

    Project Manager, Program Management Office

Molly has recently joined Accenture and is supporting a large media powerhouse in building their Northern digital presence.

As a Scrum Manager, Mollys role is to ensure a forward thinking framework that is entirely collaborative between a project team and the customer. Using frequent feedback and team oriented decision making. 

For Molly, the career move was a no brainer. Steering away from the bright lights and traditional inner-city opportunities of London, she headed to the buzz and business dynamic of Leeds. We spoke to Molly about her new role with Accenture.


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