Photography and videography

Why every organisation needs photography and videography

If you're over 35, you might think of photography and videography as something for a wedding or other big event. Read more...

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Why network administration needs to become diverse

The popular image of tech support in the UK is very much a white-and-male one. This doesn't match up with reality. Read more...

Semiconductor and microchip

Semiconductor and microchip can transform our world

Inside your laptop, smart phone and Internet-connected appliances are lots and lots of microchips. Even your car is full of them!  Read More...


Find an employer that is right for who you are and fits your lifestyle needs.


At VERCIDA, we’re dedicated to bridging the diversity gaps in the essential, growing industries of Technology & Telecoms. Whenever there's something with lots of buttons, lines of code, or engineering involved, we find a big diversity gap. People in diverse workplaces are more creative, resilient and productive. Here at VERCIDA we know that in cutting edge fields like this one, any advantage is essential.

That's why our employers are curated to make sure that they put diversity at the heart of everything they do. Maybe it's diversity networks that can influence policy at the executive level. Maybe a company offers specialised coaching and education for marginalised groups. Our employers don't just talk. They put inclusion into practice, and their people and bottom lines reap the benefit. So if you need a great, flexible and inclusive employer, search our employer database for your next role today.

"We spend more time at work than anywhere else. We want everyone to feel included and bring their whole yourself to work without reservation."
Morgan Lobb
Founder & CEO,