Inclusive Leadership by Design:

The Six traits of Inclusive Change-Makers, with Dan Robertson


Today, the corporate world needs a new style of leadership. It needs a style of leadership that places inclusivity at the heart of how leaders think and act. VERCIDA Consulting, have been tracking the principles and behaviours of inclusive leadership for the last two years and in our new report Inclusive leadership by Design – The 6 Traits of Inclusive Change Makers we set out the six key traits of inclusive leaders. Here we focus on the trait of "Insight."  Read about the 'Makings of a leader' in our latest blog post focussed on Insight

There is currently a crisis of leadership. Responding to the results of Edelman’s Trust Barometer, Grant Clelland, Senior Director, Edelman states “the UK is in an unprecedented grip of a crisis of trust in its core institutions.  Read about the 'Crisis of Leadership' in our latest blog post focussed on Integrity. 

Last month we focussed on the trait of "Inspire."

Too many of today’s business leaders engage in corporate ‘double speak’, which has the profound effect of dis-engaging an already dis-engaged workforce. Against this backdrop, and within a context of diversity and inclusive leadership, we ask a simple question – where are the inspirational leaders? 

Read about the 'Art of Inspirational & Inclusive Leaders' here...

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Think of the classic corporate leader. What, or who comes to mind?

VERCIDA Consulting, has for the last two years been researching the topic of inclusive leadership. Through our global workshop and a mapping of existing research, our project was governed by two very simply questions: what motivates inclusive behaviours? What do inclusive leaders do?

Our research has identified six core traits of the inclusive leader. These are:

  • Inspire
  • Integrity
  • Individuate 
  • Insight
  • Inquisitive
  • Invest

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