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domiciliary carer

What’s it like to work as a domiciliary carer?

Domiciliary care (home care,) is a crucial part of our healthcare system. Carers offer everything from intimate personal care to essential social connections. Read more...

Healthcare Workplace

What makes a good hospital workplace?

Our hospitals are at the core of our communities.  Offering urgent and specialist care to all, hospitals employ a broad and diverse staff.  Read more...


How to choose a career in care?

While it's often best to support people at home, care homes help those who need more supervision and support. Read More...


Find an employer that is right for who you are and fits your lifestyle needs.


The health industry is characterised by growth and flexibility. Wherever there are people, there are health needs to be met.  As communities grow and change, so do the needs of their residents - and that means that the job market in health is always developing.

Jobs in health are as diverse as people themselves. Maybe you're helping children or the elderly stay healthy or working on the latest developments in cancer research. If you are interested in health, you are someone driven to care, to heal and to succeed for your patients. 

VERCIDA offers candidates some of the best jobs around, curated to feature employers that are as dynamic as they are ethical.  Whether you're a doctor with an advanced degree, an experienced carer, or someone just starting out, we have something for you.

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