Manufacturing and engineering – a wealth of job roles for everyone

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Get hired as a female engineer

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Could you be the next animal enrichment solution designer?

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Pretty much every aspect of modern life requires the skills of people employed in manufacturing and engineering. Whether it's something obvious, like your smartphone, or less obvious, like your shoes, manufacturing and engineering are involved. Even much of our food, medicine, and personal care products are made in a factory. And engineering goes into everything from product design to delivery.

This universality means that there are great roles in manufacturing and engineering for everyone. Got a maths, science or engineering qualification? You could be designing the next assembly line or developing new ways to assure quality. But manufacturing and engineering firms also need everyone from legal to HR to communications specialists.

Manufacturing and engineering are typically seen as a man's world – not particularly diverse. But in recent years some brilliant firms in these industries have dedicated themselves to diversity and inclusion. If you're looking for your next job in manufacturing and engineering, VERCIDA employers are committed to equality in the workplace.

"We spend more time at work than anywhere else. We want everyone to feel included and bring their whole yourself to work without reservation."
Morgan Lobb
Founder & CEO,