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How to pursue a career in radio

Whether you want to be an on-air personality or a producer behind the scenes, pursuing a career in radio is an exciting prospect. Read more...

Media and entertainment

Diversity in the media and entertainment industry

In April 2014, TV personality Lenny Henry announced plans to lead the public in a protest at the lack of diversity in the media industry.  Read more...

performing arts

Types of jobs in the performing arts

The performing arts industry is perfect for anyone who loves drama, singing, dancing or music. Read More...


Find an employer that is right for who you are and fits your lifestyle needs.


A career in the media and entertainment industry is becoming more accessible than ever. Jobs in the creative industries have increased by 19.5% since 2011, indicating that employment is on the rise.    

From working in the performing arts to writing for national newspapers, job opportunities in this sector are as diverse as the people they attract. But jobs are not just limited to the creative arts. There are many opportunities for technical and practical skills behind the scenes as well.

Working in the media and entertainment industry is more than just glitz and glamour. Careers in this sector are varied and have plenty of benefits.

VERCIDA is proud to work with employers who are committed to the principles of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. To find your perfect job in the media and entertainment industry, search our database today. 


"We spend more time at work than anywhere else. We want everyone to feel included and bring their whole yourself to work without reservation."
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