Jobs in real estate and construction that put diversity at their heart

Women in architecture

Overcoming barriers to women in architecture

The best architecture firms take an inclusive strategy, allowing you to bring your whole self to work. Read more...

Real estate

Why real estate agent is a great job for parents

Real estate agents are the people that connect buyers to sellers of property. Whether you're in the market for a home or selling one Read more...

Women in construction

Women can do construction too

Women are engaged in all levels and aspects of the construction industry. From labourer roles to heavy equipment operators Read More...


Find an employer that is right for who you are and fits your lifestyle needs.


Real estate, construction, architecture, design and engineering are vibrant fields that offer a broad variety of roles to interested applicants. If you're great at sales the role of a real estate agent might be for you. Analytical thinkers with an aptitude for maths might take an interest in engineering. And for those that like to work outside and with their hands, construction might be a brilliant fit.

In any field, diversity and inclusion are important. VERCIDA works with employers who do more than pay lip service to these values. Our employers demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion through conscious actions taken throughout their organisations. Whether through flexible working, support networks, training or initiatives, our employers allow you to bring your whole self to work. If you're ready for your next job in real estate and construction, take a look at our current available roles.

"We spend more time at work than anywhere else. We want everyone to feel included and bring their whole yourself to work without reservation."
Morgan Lobb
Founder & CEO,