Are you considering a career in retail?

Whatever your level of education or experience, you can find a retail job to fit. Sales assistant and customer service jobs are a great way for you to enter the sector. Read more...

Retail Buyer

Working as a retail buyer

Retail buyers are responsible for making sure that the right products are available for sale at the right time. Most work within an area of specialism – e.g. fashion, FMCG, jewellery or music.  Read more...


Grocery, food and FMCG supply chains

When you think of grocery or food jobs, perhaps you first picture a checkout or shelf stacker role. But there’s a lot more to food retail than meets the eye. Read More...


Find an employer that is right for who you are and fits your lifestyle needs.


In retail, whether you work in office supplies, furniture or groceries, some of the core issues will be the same. Stores need to be staffed and managed, stock needs to be ordered and monitored and customers service must be excellent.

But there are also opportunities to develop specialist knowledge in a retail career. A retail buyer role, for example, requires you to understand one field – such as fashion, jewellery or music – in detail.

This sector is the UK’s largest private employer, with approximately 10% of the workforce employed in retail.

Working in retail has many benefits, including great staff discounts, flexible working and a diverse workforce. Big retail employers recognise there is still a need to reflect this diversity in board rooms and across senior roles.

VERCIDA works with retail employers in support of initiatives that improve diversity and inclusion at all levels of the business. Many offer incentives, benefits and schemes to meet the all-round needs of their workers. Search our current list of retail vacancies here.

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