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Growth and jobs investment in the security sector

The security industry in the UK is currently growing at an average of 15% per year. The sector supports 29,000 research and development (R&D), design and engineering jobs.  Read more...


Salaries in the security services

The average salary in the UK’s security industry is £39,600. At 43% higher than the average national salary of £27,600, the security sector has more than its share of high-wage, high-skilled jobs. Read More...


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With a turnover of £11.9bn, the security industry in the UK doubled in the five years between 2012 and 2017. A 2018 industry survey reported that 107,000 people work in security roles. Search our database for available vacancies here.

Employees in security roles may work directly for an organisation, or for a contractor delivering services within a particular sector: for example, healthcare, education or construction.

There are several paths into careers in the security services. While a specialist degree in IT might be necessary for security management or software development roles, other areas like facilities management would benefit from a more general management education. Many people choose a security job as a second career after being employed in the emergency or armed services. Apprenticeships or training also offer a great route into security services: an estimated 47% of security companies employ apprentices or trainees.

The UK’s security sector has an average salary of £39,600. This is 43% higher than the national average salary in the UK of £27,600.

Search our database for available vacancies here.

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