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Jobs for Muslims

We believe in multicultural workplaces that welcome all faiths, views and new ideas. However, many people report that quality jobs for Muslims are not always available.  Read more...

What is holi?

What is Holi?

During the festival, all 1.25 billion Indian people play outside and splash each other with neon bright paint colours. Every region of the country celebrates Holi. Read more...

Multi-faith Workplace

How do you make a multi-faith workplace work?

Living in a multicultural society is an enriching and positive life experience, but it brings managers challenges. Read More...


There are lots of different employment sectors looking for people with the skills and talents you possess. Rest assured that all of the companies listing with us are committed to inclusiveness and diversity in the workplace. 


The UK is a very diverse country and this is something that benefits companies based here. By having people with different life experiences and backgrounds, a company can gain better insight into the market they are operating in and serve its diverse customers better, as well as having more ideas to draw on.

It is illegal in the UK to discriminate when recruiting people based on disability, gender, sexual orientation, age, race or other factors that could see some people at a disadvantage for a job they are equally qualified and able to do.

Naturally, there are limitations to this when a job has physical requirements. For instance, to do a driving job, one would need to be medically allowed to drive and hold a valid license, so it is not discrimination if this kind of job is not available to someone with epilepsy or who is partially sighted. Equally, it would not be regarded legally as racial discrimination if someone who doesn't speak fluent English is not considered for a job where this is required.

For most jobs, however, the laws protecting those who are in a minority but are equally able to do a job, are there to ensure you won't be treated differently to any other applicant.

“We spend more time at work than anywhere else. We want everyone to feel included and bring their whole self to work without reservation”


Morgan Lobb
VERCIDA’s Chief Executive Officer