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7 tips for raising a transgender child

“Mum, Dad, there something I need to tell you”. It’s a line that strikes fear and dread into any parent. Is my daughter in trouble at school? Is she having sex? Oh no, is she pregnant? Has she been expelled? Is she moving out – oh god, maybe she’s gay? “Mum, Dad, I think I’m a boy” Read more...

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Caroline Griffin Pain on the OUTstanding 50 LGBT+ Executives List

 "Being an ally and champion of the LGBTQ+ community is something I have been passionate about my whole career, and I am thrilled that together with the Colt community  Read more...

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Why You should care about LGBT History Month

Archway, one of our biggest employee networks, is celebrating LGBT History Month.

We’re proud to be an inclusive employer. Archway, our lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) employee network, is one of six such membership organisations at Network Rail.