Mental Health

Why it doesn’t need to be either/or in mental health

Yesterday, I joined the launch of the Museum of Lost and Found Potential. This pop-up exhibition was created by Elisha London and her team at United for Global Mental Health. Read more...

Embracing the Elephant

Embracing The Elephant

Fear prevents an individual from realising their true potential; it paralyses them and distorts the sense of judgement they have of themselves and those around them. Read more...

Multi-faith Workplace

How do you make a multi-faith workplace work?

Living in a multicultural society is an enriching and positive life experience, but it brings managers challenges. Read More...


There are lots of different employment sectors looking for people with the skills and talents you possess. Rest assured that all of the companies listing with us are committed to inclusiveness and diversity in the workplace. 

“We spend more time at work than anywhere else. We want everyone to feel included and bring their whole self to work without reservation”


Morgan Lobb
VERCIDA’s Chief Executive Officer